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Spring Series Races 4 and 5
By Wes Ory
Posted: 2022-06-06T12:17:46Z

Spring Series Races 4 and 5

Even though I haven’t sailed in many other parts of the country I don’t think it could have gotten much better than yesterday. There was a 51% chance of rain when I headed to the lake with high cloud cover but by the time we finished it was sunny and 78. Good winds at 8-12 gusting to 17 out of the South south east.

We had a good turnout even with most of the MC Scow fleet over at Lotawana for a Regatta. 12 boats hit the line promptly at 1:30.

The Jacomo sailing club never leaves anyone on the dock. As commodore I will do whatever it takes to pair skipper and crew and staff the committee boats. On this day I had given up my crew to help another boat, so I had resigned myself to catch up on a little boat work I had been putting off. But as fate would have it we had several new sailors show up to work the committee boat. Which gave some room to shuffle. I got a call from the committee boat saying they were bringing one back to sail with me. Cool!!

To my great joy Barry Skikne (sp?) steps off the Jon boat and in his great accent says “do you need crew, man?” I was like “Hell Yeah!” Let’s go. For those of you that don’t know Barry he is a legend S16/ windmill superstar sailor. Boat work could wait.

We rushed up the hill and got the boat splashed in record time. We were late to the first race but still got 2 of the 3 laps in. I won’t go into all of the race details but sailing with Barry was a great experience for me. We laughed and cussed and I was instructed on many of the smaller things that make a boat point high and go fast. It was fantastic.

The best memory of the race is as we are finishing the last tack and headed for the finish line we had a heavy puff that healed us hard. Now Barry is a very agile 77 year old and he had been hiking out from side to side all day so I didn’t think much when he started to move. I looked down for a split second to ease the traveler and I hear “oh shit!” When I look up I see Barry’s feet straight up in the air! His feet had missed the hiking strap! He was still holding the jib sheet in one hand and the side stay in the other but his ass was in the water with his feet over his head. The boat was healing hard and I had both hands full….. I said “Don’t go anywhere” and released the main sheet enough to level the boat. Then I was able to help him back in just as we crossed the finish line. We both laughed, hooted and hollered. It was so much fun.

We have some of the best people here at JSC. It is an amazing group.

Thank you Barry for a great day!

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