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Volunteer for the club

The club thrives on the passion, commitment and generosity of its members. Every penny we earn goes right back into making sailing at Lake Jacomo more affordable and accessible to everyone.

This is one of the most important things you can do to help this club. Many of the activities require resources of our club to make your sailing and racing enjoyable.

Training and Lessons


Our Learn to Sail program is one of the important activities that need your help. We are looking for on the water trainers with boats to help all the adult class participants get in the required on the water training. We will have students who will need a 3 to 4 hour sessions on the water. Even if you can only do one weekend day or weekday afternoon this will greatly aid our training program. Finding ways of training new sailors is vital to continuing Jacomo Sailing Club. Passing on what we know is the greatest asset we can give to those new to sailing. So if you are willing to give back to the club with your time, use of your boat or both please contact Brad Heffron or Karen Hawkins to find out how to schedule day now!



Adaptive Sailing

We have several new sailors looking for sailing experience. We need willing skippers to help these young sailors learn and experience sailing. If you have time no matter how much or would be willing to take one of these as a crew for a Sunday race, please contact John Hays.


Equipment Maintenance

One of the main stays of our racing and educational programs is the equipment / maintenance committee. They maintain all club equipment and any help you can provide will help improve our sailing experience. Over the past several years we have made major improvements to our equipment via boats and motors.  It is volunteers that make your membership enjoyable. If you have ideas on how to improve our equipment or items that you think would better serve our Race Committee or educational programs please let us know. Also we now have club boats which will need to be maintained, your time to clean up or make repairs would be of great service to the club.





The backbone of our racing activities is the Race Committee. We have several volunteers who give their time to put on races each Sunday. We also have volunteers for our special event races and fleet regattas. It is an excellent way to learn about sailing by serving on the RC. We welcome any non-sailing member to participate in the RC, contact the Race Committee chair if you would like to help. Each club member with a Racing Membership is required to serve two race days on the committee boat.

Race Committee Volunteers



JSC needs you to help so we can keep our membership costs in line and affordable. Club members are requested to provide twenty (20) hours of support for volunteer work in any capacity. Your contribution through volunteer work in the club is needed now. Every hour you can spend will help JSC provide sailing to all that want it. The benefit to the club and the sailing public is great. Do not shy away form this because of a lack of experience, we can train you in any area where help is needed. So make a little or a lot of time available to those who need your help.