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Jacomo Sailing Club


The Jacomo Sailing Club is located on beautiful Lake Jacomo near Lee's Summit and Blue Springs, Missouri in Jackson County. Proudly serving its members since 1958. JSC focuses on both recreational sailing and racing. Education is the backbone of our organization, and we offer many adult and youth learn to sail opportunities. Our kids program keeps growing and we will be starting an adaptive sailing program this year. The club hosts social events throughout the year...we love to have a lot of fun. Join us!

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Current Commodore: Dave French

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Mailing Address:
Jacomo Sailing Club
PO Box 7160
Lee's Summit, MO 64064-7160


Jacomo Sailing Center
22103 SW Woods Chapel Road
Blue Springs, MO 64015

Thanks to the generosity of Jackson Country Parks and Rec, we use this facility for the classroom portion of our Adult Learn to Sail program, other classes, clinics and club meetings.


Lake Jacomo Marina

7401 W Park Road 
Blue Springs, MO 64015

We use the boat ramp near the Lake Jacomo Marina on race days. Our club boats are located in the West Dry Storage lot near the marina, and so this ramp is also utilized for putting our club boats in the water. For the dinghy portions of our Learn to Sail programs, we meet in the parking/rigging-lot near this boat ramp. The hill above the marina is also a great place to watch our Sunday races.


South Boat Dock

9200 Beach Rd

Lee's Summit, MO 64086

This location is used as a meeting point for our Learn to Sail programs. Some of our members use dock slips here to keep their sailboats ready to go!


Sailboat Cove

7401 West Park Road

Blue Springs, MO 64015

Sailboat Cove is home to many sailboats, stored in dock slips and on mooring balls. This location is used as a meeting point during the cruiser portions of our Learn to Sail programs. There is also a Dry Storage lot located here.


The Jacomo Sailing Club was founded in 1958, a year before Lake Jacomo was completed. By late 1958, the dam was completed, the gravel roads were nearly done and the anchors were down in Sailboat Cove. The dry sail lot and the fishing docks were planned, but the lake was dry. The scheduled opening of Lake Jacomo was spring of 1960.


The founders of JSC, a group of 12 men, met in Kelly's Bar in Westport and planned the formation of the club. At that time there was no public sailing in the Kansas City area. Most of the large public lakes that now surround this area had not yet been built.


For many years, JSC was a social club that focused on racing. Today, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, education is the backbone of what we do. Through both recreational sailing and racing, we are proud to continue the legacy of the Jacomo Sailing Club, helping to build a love for sailing in the Kansas City area and beyond.

Past Commodores

1959 John M. Cleary

1960 Clarke McCorkle

1961 Gordon Reabe

1962 William Wyant, Jr.

1963 Paul Vardeman

1964 Roger W. Brett

1965 William Collet

1966 W. R. Mullens

1967 Kenneth Bigus

1968 Roger Baker

1969 Ronald H. Ross

1970 Jay Kalin

1971 Donald H. Grimes

1972 William L. Ward

1974 Paul Gernhardt

1975 Joseph H. Dixon

1976 Ian M. McIntosh

1977 Bernard P. Kuse

1978 Wayne Nyberg

1979 H. Daniel Lewis, Jr.

1980 Donald J. Lock

1981 Ed Gammill

1982 Jim Slocomb

1983 Dave Blanding

1984 Dave Carlisle

1985 Robin Henry

1986 Buck Reabe

1987 John Kling

1988 Jim Slocomb

1989 Dave Feltman,Ian McIntosh

1990 Don MacClymont

1991 Kathie Blanding

1992 Bob Hyland

1993 Lynn Adkins

1994 Rick Blowers

1995 John Flannery

1996 Georgia Mueller

1997 Karen Hawkins

1998 Karen Hawkins

1999 Hal Wood

2000 Todd L. Pesek

2001 Todd L. Pesek

2002 Charles Brown

2003 Charles Brown

2004 Dan Lewis

2005 Dan Lewis

2006 Leonard Hock

2007 Leonard Hock

2008 Connie Henderson

2009 Julie Schliecher

2010 Alan Fransen

2011 John Kling

2012 John Kling

2013 Dwayne Boettcher

2014 Dave French

2015 Dave French

2016 Karen Hawkins

2017 John Hays
2018 John Hays