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Crewing Opportunities

Anyone want to sail tonight?
Stacey Honer
I’m taking Chickadee out for a sail this afternoon/eve who wants to join me? 😀

Rick Korvick

Hi Stacey,


I’m consumed with Thursday, Saturday…Thursday, Saturday classes however, we need to go have some fun and picnic/sail Yankee.


I’ll talk with Denise about her schedule, mine is pretty open. What’s your days look like?  




David Skolnick
I would like to crew with someone on Sunday.
David Skolnick
Stacey Honer
Hi Rick, ya I’m flexible on my schedule..not a fan of 12-5 sailing due to the heat right now but other than I’m good to go! 
Robert Cheney

What time are you taking Yankee out and do you have room for one more?

Stacey Honer
Robert Cheney

What time are you going to be up there?

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