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Boatshare Lasers!
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thank you

Great, Steve. The Laser is a bit of a handful and certainly not a boat to learn the basics on.  I suggest you get very comfortable sailing the Sweet 16.  Let me know when you are comfortable on all points of sail and docking the Sweet. We can pick a light wind day and give the Lasers a go. 

My cell is 913-669-7711 if you want to discuss


I am currently in the "learning to sail" class

I want to learn how to sail the Lasers


I'll help with Laser checkouts.  Send me a note individually if you are interested.

They are a blast to sail, great in light wind.   They have two sail configurations.  The club boats have the full rig.  In more than 15k wind it can be a handful.  If someone wants the smaller rig which is used in the women's competition, I know where to borrow one.

Please reply to this post if you know how to rig and sail the Club's Lasers and willing to teach other Boatshare members how, or if you are intersted in learning how.

The club has two Lasers, a Butterfly, and a Club 420 in the Boatshare fleet that are very seldom sailed. I think the 420 and the Butterfly are pretty typical, but the lasers are a little different animal. I think we have members that would sail them if someone familiar can show them how to get them in the water.

If you are unfamiliar with these boats, click the "view" drop-down for the Boatshare Group #2 boats at the following link.

Here is a video of how to rig a laser.

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