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Why Sail?
There is nothing, simply nothing, half as much worth doing as simply messing around in boats. A great majority of our society agrees with that. So now you've either messed around in a boat, or watched others mess around in them. Bet you've watched birds, too: A hawk or seagull soaring along. Sailing combines the freedoms of both the air and the water. Tighten the sail, feel the boat lean a bit, pick up speed, and hear the swish of the water as it leaves a trail of bubbles behind. You and your boat become one, as you move through the air and across the water, and you find all your worries and bothers left back on the dock.
Getting Started
Starting out in a dinghy or small one design sailboat will give you an easy lesson to learn as you begin the basics of sailing. The small sailing dinghy will help you acquire the basic skills of boat handling and sailing that can be transferred to any boat at a later date. In a larger boat, you may miss out on the best foundation for your sailing skills. The dinghy provides the pure form of sailing close to the wind and water that are not experienced in larger boats. In a dinghy you are just a few inches or feet from the water. As the skipper you have one hand on the tiller and the other one on the sheet (controls the sail). This allows you to instantly feel the boat heeling, the sails, the boat acceleration and to learn how your actions make the boat go. In a dinghy you learn how to make the boat balanced and how to be in control.
In a keelboat, you do not get the feel since a large boat is slower to react. Adjustments are delayed before you see any changes in performance. Many times changes in wind conditions are missed because the sheer size of the boat has carried it through by its momentum. Learning in small boats, the whole body and mind is involved to deal with each situation quickly.
The only consequence in a dinghy is that you tip over and getting wet is just part of the experience. Learning to upright your boat is all part of the learning process and in many conditions is fun.
A learn-to-sail program, such as the Jacomo Sailing Club program, will be of great value to start your sailing experience. Instructors can guide you in learning the ins and outs of sailing plus, learning in a group can be a fun experience. You will enter a sailing social event where you’re bound to make new friends.
Once you have mastered the general art of making a sailboat go where you want it to go, try crewing on a racing boat or take up racing for yourself. In this spect of sailing you will learn many items which will greatly improve your sailing skills. The general navigation of a racing course will present the most exposure to all points of sail, boat handling and how to respond to different wind, water and sailing right of way conditions. Sailboat racing is not only a competitive sport but the club sponsored racing is an excellent social and shared experience activity.
No matter your age or skill level, the dinghy will allow you to enjoy the pure basics of sailing. This experience cannot be matched in other sailboat types. The dinghy can allow you to actually feel the movement of the water in every part of your body through the hull and sails. The wind is in your face and other sailors smile as you go by.
So you are interested in sailing, come out and join us at one of our sail days. Sail days are our clubs equivalent of an open house, but with boats. We bring out several of the different fleet boats to show to people who are interested in the club, and take them out for a spin. JSC is also dedicated to providing quality racing and to encourage the Corinthian sport of sailing.
JSC operates at Lake Jacomo; a 980-acre lake located 15 minutes southeast of downtown Kansas City. Along with the weekly Sunday race schedule the club hosts various activities, which include special racing clinics, dinners, regattas, parties and picnics which are held throughout the year.
This is good clean outdoor fun. One skipper, the whole family, as a crew or any combination you wish. Come out on most any Sunday and join us! Check the JSC web site for details and schedules. Feel the wind and the water. Be active, come out and join the fun! Contact the Jacomo Sailing Club today. We can provide a starting point for your introduction into sailing, racing and fun on the water. The club welcomes all new interested beginner sailors, even if you have never sailed.
Jacomo Sailing Club PO Box 7160 Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-7160   816-607-1807
JSC Training/Sailing Center 22103 SW Woods Chapel Rd