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Jacomo Sailing Club


Membership in The Jacomo Sailing Club provides you with information about JSC activities, regatta results and general sailing news, and you help to support the ongoing efforts of a group which provides nothing but great sailing fun season after season.

Membership Levels

Jacomo Sailing Club thrives because of the hard work and dedication of its members. 

Our levels of membership and costs are as follows;

Junior Membership $65 – For youth up to age 21 – May participate in all JSC events. May race in all club races and be scored for junior trophies.                                          


Associate Membership $65 – Don’t race or own a boat. We welcome those who want to stay involved and help support and participate in the club’s activates. May race for three race days but will not be scored for trophies, encouraged to upgrade to racing membership.                                     


Racing Membership $130 – Includes family members, and kids up to age 21. Qualified to race in all club races and regattas and be scored for trophies.                         


Boatshare Membership $300 - Allows usage of club owned boats (once qualified*). This includes all the privileges of a racing membership. (*Further details of boats, requirements and other items will be posted in the future.)                                                           


We have a member link below that you can sign up and pay online. 

For more information about membership in The Jacomo Sailing Club, you may e-mail us at
These links are to a printable membership application form.

Member Obligations
All members are required to complete the following annually:
  • Each club member with a Racing Membership is required to serve two race days on the committee boat.
  • Associate & Boatshare members are encouraged to participate in the race committee. There are no special skills required we will train you.
  • All club members are requested to provide eight (8) hours of support. Let us know where you have special skills that would benefit the club.
  • Abide by all published club policies and by-laws.

When joining Jacomo Sailing Club
I/we recognize that sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury and hereby acknowledge and agree to participate in club activities at my/our own risk. I/we hereby waive any rights I/we may have to sue the Jacomo Sailing Club (including officers and directors) for personal injury or property damage suffered as a result of participation in club events to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Jacomo Sailing Club P.O. Box 22505 Kansas City MO 64113   816-607-1807