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Jacomo Sailing Club
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2019 Wyant Cup
Club Championship  

Saturday, September 7 - 8:00am

This is an intra club regatta designed to demonstrate a sailors sailing skills using various yachts and unique racing formats. The winner of this regatta will be deemed club champion and their name listed on the Wyant Cup trophy, presented at the season end awards banquet.

Sailors must register in advance no later that 12:00 noon on Saturday August 31 to compete.

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Wyant Cup - Notice of Race (NOR)
Wyant Cup - Sailing Instructions (SI)

The Jacomo Sailing Club Championship series was started upon the donation of the Wyant Trophy by William Wyant Jr., commodore in 1962.

The primary purpose is to decide the Club champion. The Vice Commodore will chair the committee.

Wyant Cup Champions





1962 Gordon Reabe 1990 Doug Day 
1963 Davie Jones 1991 Doug Day
1964 Douglas C. Marker 1992 Doug Day
1965 Larry Haupt 1993 Doug Day
1966 Douglas C. Marker 1994 Doug Day
1967 Douglas C. Marker 1995 Bernard P. Kuse
1968 Douglas C. Marker 1996 Robert D. Hyland
1969 Douglas C. Marker 1997 Rob Mayer
1970 Douglas C. Marker 1998 Kenneth P. Kuse
1971 Phil Rennaker 1999 Hope Green
1972 Larry McCracken 2000 Kenneth P. Kuse
1973 Larry McCracken 2001 Kenneth P. Kuse
1974 Phil Rennaker 2002 Kevin Kuse
1975 Phil Rennaker 2003 Kevin Kuse
1976 Gerry Wheatley 2004 Kenneth P. Kuse
1977 Kenneth P. Kuse 2005 Kevin Kuse
1978 Kenneth P. Kuse 2006 Kevin Kuse
1979 Gerry Wheatley 2007 Kenneth P. Kuse
1980 Dick Patton 2008 Kevin Kuse
1981 Kenneth P. Kuse 2008 John Kling
1982 Douglas J. MacClymont 2010 Karen Hawkins
1983 Douglas J. MacClymont 2011 Karen Hawkins
1984 Peter Pierce 2012 Todd Pesek
1985 Peter Pierce 2013 Pat Carr
1986 Peter Pierce 2014 Karen Hawkins
1987 Peter Pierce 2015 Mark Graham
1988 Robin Henry 2016 Fred Langford
1989 Doug Day  2017 Trafton Creemer

Wyant Cup Race Results