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One-design Racing

There are three types of racing: match racing, as done in the America's Cup; handicap racing, where the elapsed times of different types of boats are corrected by formula to see who actually won, and one-design racing.


One-design racing offers the most immediate gratification. If you are ahead of a boat, you are ahead, and if you are behind, you are behind. Simple. One small error or one beneficial tweak of the sail can change the outcome.


In one-design racing, just as the name implies, a single boat type is used by all competitors. These designs are termed "classes"; some are quite large, others vary in number and character. All have in common a design standard and class organization to maintain an even footing.


One-design sailing puts the premium on crew work, sailing skill, and racing savvy rather than spending money to go faster an thereby win.


The Jacomo Sailing Club is a mainstay of one-design racing in this region. Except for private lakes, you will not find another one-design club within several hundred miles (Omaha and Lincoln, Wichita, and Tulsa are the closest). Not much else in boating matches the overall fun and challenge of one-design racing. The class pages detail the currently active fleets of boats. Call one or all of the contact people for more information.


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